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Mystrys Erotica:

Mystrys Bath

By Mystrys

She stood outside the door, savoring the anticipation. he was here! Every other weekend he was Hers. She relished her weekends with him. Outside in the "real" world, he was a respected businessman. Here in "Her" world, he was Hers and Hers alone.

She entered Her sitting room; he knelt there in the center of the floor as he had been taught. Fair hair spilling around his face as he kept his eyes lowered and on the floor. She strode across the room and stood in front of him. He kissed Her boots and she smiled. He was totally devoted to Her and used every opportunity to display that willingness to serve.

She walked over and took a seat on the couch. He crawled over to the couch and knelt beside Her. She asked him to kneel up; she wanted a good look at him. He had a very nice body and he was naked. She preferred him to serve Her in this way. Sometimes, She would entertain friends and he would serve them in a white tux. She personally felt he looked better naked! She glanced at his face, he was blushing! She almost giggled, after all this time; he still blushed when She examined him. It was hard for him to be admired.

It was Friday night; She had been working all day and was tired. She motioned him to the kitchen and, as per usual, he brought her a glass of Merlot from the cabinet. As She relaxed on the couch, he removed Her boots and very gently massaged Her feet. He was very good at massage, one of the perks of being a Mistress. She smiled at him and he blushed again. He was so good looking when he blushed; She deliberately praised him just so She could see him blush.

She motioned him to her bedroom and instructed him to draw Her bath. She had been training him as a bath slave for the past several years and he knew exactly how She liked Her bathwater. Slightly below scalding and sudsy with lots of bubble bath. When the bath was ready, She allowed him the privilege of undressing Her. Privately, She considered this one of the perks of the slave's job and if She were displeased with him, She would not allow him to undress Her. However, She was pleased with his look and manner tonight and in a mood to be generous.

He assisted Her into the bath and gently shampooed Her hair while She relaxed in the tub. She liked to soak for a good 20 minutes or until the water started to cool off. After Her hair was shampooed and conditioned, he left her to lie out Her lingerie for bed. After he returned, She allowed him to shave Her legs. The first time he had done this for Her he had nicked Her. She had punished him by making him sleep alone in the living room that night. Tonight, there was no mishaps with the razor and She emerged from the bath and stood comfortably while he toweled Her dry.

He helped Her to dress in Her favorite teddy, a frilly little thing he had bought for Her as a gift. It was only about 10:00 at night and a little too early for sleep, so She sat in the living room and watched TV. He sat at Her feet and She played with his hair until She was sleepy. He picked Her up and carried Her to bed. Carefully arranging the pillows just the way She liked them. He took his customary sleeping place on the floor beside Her bed as She drifted into sweet dreams of the games they would play on the morrow. Being a Mistress had its rewards.

The Kiss

By Mystrys

he asked Her for a Kiss!!
She NEVER did what he asked..
She made him wait.. Drawing it out.. Anticipation.. Expectation..
his back was to Her.. She unraveled Her tail.. Stretching Her arm with Practiced ease..
Then.. When he could stand it no longer.. The expectation was too much.. The desire was too intense..
She casually let fly the single tail towards him.. his back arched as the tail impacted his naked flesh..
The tiniest of red bumps raised on his naked backside..
Do you like my Whips Kiss? She asked..
he asked Her for a Kiss!!

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