Free Sample??

Mystrys Genevieve


Suggested Gifts:

Here are a few places to buy Me gifts that would be useful to Me in My activities. They will show Me that you are sincere in your desire to please Me and I will promise to use them on your next visit.

  1. JT Stockroom They have a wide variety of BDSM equipment for most Fetishes. I particularily enjoy clamps and toys for CBT!!
  2. Fetish Auctioneer I LOVE this Fetish Auction site and have bought many things from thier vendors. Use your imagination - they have a wide variety of everything that you can imagine!!
  3. Fredericks Of Hollywood Nothing makes Me feel special like a GIFT CERTIFICATE for new outfits or Undies!!
  4. Adam & Eve I love shopping here - GIFT CERTIFICATES are always appreciated!!
  5. Floggers & Canes - Corporal punishment is a FAVORITE activity!!
  6. Dungeon Equipment - These pieces will virtually assure you a real time session!!
  7. Tens Units & Electrical Toys - I have a wish list registered with this site!!
  8. Rainbow Rope - I love all the colors of rope available on this site!!
  9. Anton's Latex Clothing - Custom Made Latex Clothes - Anton already has My measurements!!

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