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Frolicon 2006

Molly Crabapple

Frolicon's Molly Crabapple Image Available at PodGallery

This was the very first year for Frolicon and for an inaugural year - the convention went smoothly and was a hella lot of fun!! At the time of writing this the Convention was several months ago and a lot of details have faded. I'm going to touch on the highlights and show off a few pictures but I can't really give a play by play because it was just so long ago and I'm slack like that!!

Our crew gathered as we usually do for the Convention and this year - we had a sweet ride!! Our crew had rented a car for the trip and due to an error at the rental company - we got a "free upgrade" to the SUV. It was nice to ride down to the Con in high style and with plenty of leg room. Our theme quote of the weekend was "Who Cares - It's a Rental!!!". When we arrived at the Con - we found the hotel had free WiFi access and I had the laptop so I was able to make Journal entries all weekend. You can read more about Thursday night at Mystrys Frolicon Thursday Journal Entry.

You can read more about Friday at Mystrys Frolicon Friday Journal Entry.

I was asked to be a "Demo Top" for the bootblacking class given by Leather Vegas and I am so glad that I was able to assist. I learned a lot about Bootblacking. I discovered that I really like it - who knew?? There are some wonderful pictures of the panel at Leather Vegas's Website. I was also a Dungeon Monitor in the Saturday night playparty. I played some and even got invited to the "afterparty" but after a long weekend and being half sick with allergies. I decided to spend some quality time with a fellow Top and just enjoyed the time with good wine and good company.

Saturday Evening:
I'm completely leaving out one of the best events that I was asked to assist with - The Most Spankable Ass Contest!!! This was absolutely THE MOST FUN EVER!!!! I am so pleased that I was asked to be a judge along with two of my favorite con goers.. Fritz and Fakingnut. The competition was fast and furious but I'm confident that we all made the right choices. Just the most fun!!

It was time to go home (sad face) but I made some really good new friend's and renewed some old friendships. The Con was promising and can only get better from here.-Mystrys

Frolicon 2005 Pics

In addition to my personal pics below - if you are looking for pictures of Frolicon check out the following:

Alladinsane is shy or maybe QT paid him for some product placement!!!


JudgesJudgesThe Judges of The Most Spankable Ass Contest ham it up for a photo op!!

The Contest afforded even the Judges a personal front row photo op!!

Photo Op

Lady AssMan AssThere were some VERY Spankable asses presented for our amusement!!

Then again - the "general elimination" round "Dance Off's" were freaking hilarious!!!

Jiggle It

WorkingJudgesAlthough there were some interesting moments - we took the job seriously!!!

I'm pretty sure I was having a good time at this point but the details are a little fuzzy!!


SpiderSpiderDJ Spider kept the party rocking after the contest and a good time was had by all!!!

Fantasm was fondly remembered outside the Hotel!!


Hungover & tired - we journeyed homeward!!


I may add some more pictures to these pages eventually but that's all for now Folks!! See ya in 2006!!