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Frequently Asked Questions

QWhy do you desire to share your life with the World Wide Web?

AMy reasons are many and varied. I think I'd just like to meet other people like me and this seems a great way to do it. All I ask is that you treat me with respect and I will share myself and my life freely. I am a REAL girl and I have REAL feelings. When you look at my cam you are seeing someone who has dreams and troubles the same as you. I'm NOT some untouchable model, I'M REAL!!!

QTell me more about you??

A I am 30, Female, Dating, I love to dance, I dabble in acting, work a full time job, do web design as a hobby, love to travel and meet new people. I attend several Sci-Fi Cons a year and I enjoy Goth/Industrial music.

QWhat kind of system are you camming from?

AI am using my desktop Pentium PC, I use a 3Com Home Connect & Logitec cams. I have a cable modem and I use Webcam 32 software.

QWhat made you decide to be a Cam Girl?

AAt Fantasm Con, I ran into a old friend Dawn Marie ,she had a cam site and she told me how much fun it was to run it. I also met Giggles of Gigglecam at Exoticon in New Orleans and these two Cam Girls, helped me get started and encouraged me to try.

QDo you have any family and do they watch?

AI have family in Pensylvania and in York, SC. Gosh, I hope they don't watch that much!! (smile)

QWhat is your perfect mate like?

AMy perfect man? Brad Pitt!!!! Absolutely perfect and absolutely unattainable!! I always want the one I can't have!!

QWhat are your measurements??

A35, 29, 40, Weight?? (Get Real, I am a FEMALE) Dress Size 11!!

QWill you do requests??

ADepends on what they are. If you want to see me in a certain outfit, send it and I will wear it as long as I'm comfortable with it!!. Silly stuff COULD be done if I am in the mood, ask me!!

QOkay, How do I send you stuff??

ASnail Mail is: Mystrys, PO Box 402, York, SC 29745 and of course you can always e-mail things to me but if it happens to be a picture of you and your dick, I will reserve the right to post it wherever I see fit!!!

QWhen is your Birthday??

AJanuary 11

QWhat are your plans for this site?

AMany exciting new things are in the works for this site. I do not want to go to a PAY site and I am currently exploring ways to make the site at least pay for itself. Stay Tuned!!

QWhy don't you SMILE more?

AI FORGET to smile!! This Cam is in my room and I just forget that instead of me being alone in here, its Me and the entire net!!!! I'm going to put a big SMILE sign over the monitor!!

QWhere can I get more pix of you?

AI have more pix posted in Mystrys Pix


If you have a question you'd like added to this FAQ, Please e-mail it to me!!!

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