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Final Fantasm 2005 Review


March 17 - 20, 2005

I decided since this was the FINAL Fantasm - I would review it in the "old style" instead of using My Livejournal - Keep in mind that Fantasm was several weeks ago and some of the details have faded into oblivion by now. As usual procrastination won out as well as a hectic schedule.

THURSDAY 3/17/05:

Myself and my merry set of adventurers left Charlotte, NC actually ON TIME!!! This year - my merry band included but was not limited to:Caravankidd, Username_ha, The Tripartite, & Pleasuregelf. Huge surprise since we typically get left about two hours later than planned but this year would prove to be different in many ways. After a few hours on the road we uneventfully arrived in Atlanta, GA and after threading our way through downtown traffic we arrived at the Fantasm hotel. Since I now have a phone that accepts and sends text messages - it was easy to meet up with everyone we needed too. Our crew effectively took over half of the 8th floor - I should add - having adjoining rooms at a Convention - totally ROCKS!!!

After checking into the hotel, Ash, Chris & I decided that we would all head down and claim our badges and then out for food. Poor Ash got so screwed at this juncture. I'll leave that story up to him but it just goes to show who your true friends are when they put thier money where thier mouth is. Ash being a better person that I am - sucked it up, paid his money and we all got badges. This was also the very first year that I paid for my Fantasm badge!! I was sorta bitter bout that but oh well - its all good anyhow - I actually found out later that I didn't need to because I was doing a panel and a performance so I just decided to consider it a donation to my friends so Merry Christmas director buddies!! Thanks for all the great memories and fun times!!

We checked with a Fantasm Infobabe and got a map to the nearest fast food joint - where they promptly screwed up our order!! Our chicken finally consumed - it was back to the hotel to change for the Fantasm Fannies!! This was Fantasm's version of the Oscars and Mistress Lunasea & myself were presenting one of the first awards - the Best NonKink Panel - I was happy to award that to the Livejournal panel seeing as how I was sitting on that panel on Friday!! I wore my blue dragon dress because its the closest thing I have to an "Oscar Type" dress. There was several stage shows of note in between award announcements including an awesome performance to Meatloaf's "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" that was very well rehearsed and presented!! I found it all very enjoyable to watch!! It was then time to sit down and wait for the announcement of "Favorite Ms Fantasm" (I was nominated seeing as how I was the FIRST Ms Fantasm in 1999 and actually RAN the Ms Fantasm Padgent in 2000 & 2001!!) I didn't win (pout) and it was pretty embarassing actually because the presenters actually called my name and when I jumped up they said "Oh sorry - it was XXXXX"!!! HOW EMBARASSING!!! I really cannot say how badly that hurt!!! It really set the tone of my Final Fantasm and it was all I could do to sit there and smile and act like everything was okay. I did it though and then tried to slink off to my room to bury my head in the sand until Sunday!!! My friends would have NONE of it however and after I had been back in the room for about 30 minutes - they found me and forced me to consume large amounts of Vodka & Red Bull!!! That fixed my mood and then it was off to the Adam Weishaupt Senior Prom since I was now effectively rolling on THREE Red Bulls - it was time to PARTAY!!! We ran into Alladinsane at the dance and had our picture taken in the big archway. The DJ was playing some very old skool 80's heavy metal and I DIDN'T CARE!! I was dancing!!! After three Red Bull's - I was just speeding away!!! Whoo hoo.. eventually.. they wore off and I was able to find my bed.. Tommorrow was another day!

Some notes about Thursday - Absolute Vodka is a GREAT housewarming gift, "F*ck" necklaces rock and the next time I am up for an award - I will shamelessly post naked pictures of myself on the internet in order to encourage "ballot box stuffing" :)! Its a plan!!

FRIDAY 3/18/05:

Woke up in time to open the Ink Track Programming with the Livejournal panel. I sat on it with Valiskeogh, Photognome, Wicked_Wish, & Martinhesselius but basically the ENTIRE room was filled with Livejournal users!! It was awesome fun to trade stories and wasn't a half bad way to wake up either!! Most of Friday is a blur. I spent it doing "stuff" but can't remember most of it - it was fun being with friends and catching up. That evening I was a Dungeon Monitor for the Whippersnappers play party and I didn't mind that either - it meant less time to drink but my liver actually thanked them!! I still managed to consume my fair share and when I got back to my room - I found an impromptu play party happening right in my room - of course - I had to join in!!! What happens at a Con STAYS at the Con.. no names will be referenced but I will have a few pics sometime to incrimnate the not so innocent!!

Some notes about Friday - Judging Mr Fantasm was the most FUN at that Con!! The guys are so very entertaining and interesting!! Flat-T was awesome too.. simply the MOST fun!!! I was "Gnomed" on friday night with a very large paddle of Ash's construction!! It left a bruise on my ass most of the weekend - very hard for a Dominant to explain it was!! So funny though - what a great memory!!

SATURDAY 3/19/05:

Saturday was by far the busiest day of the Con for me. I woke up kinda late and after grabbing a bite in the hotel diner (I don't recommend this diner btw) The service was poor and the food was overdone but at least it was right there in the hotel!! I had a photoshoot with Clayman & Mortalcity at a local Atlanta Cemetary. It was an unusual experience to change clothes in March in the cemetary with Ash holding a coat in front and Clayman's lovely wife Teri holding a cloak behind!! At one point, I was completely naked except for a pair of high heels - it was surreal and felt strangely very natural!! I'd love to try some outdoor, artistic nudes sometime - it was a neat sensation!! After the shoot we went for dinner to a diner called 'Six Feet Under" (what a GREAT name for a diner that is right next door to the cemetary!!) and the headed back to the Con.

Saturday night - I had been invited by Mistress Lunasea to be in a fetish performance with our friend Raven just before the Purgatory Show. After a bit of miscommunication about the show start time and a needless scramble - we took the stage at 2:00 am!! Of course, we were following a band called Sleazoid!! Sleazoid is one of my FAVORITE con acts but they TRASH the stage - I mean pudding, cake mix, kitty litter EVERYWHERE!!! Walking around on that stage with all that crap on it in six inch heels ain't just stupid but dangerous as well!! Our Savior (no really - he was dressed as Christ - you will Believe!! ) came in and procured mop & bucket from the hotel and the show went on!! The three of us enjoyed doing the show very much!! We cut Raven's "cock" off on stage after beating the crap outta him - all in time to the music. Everything I have read about the show was positive. I had purchased this awesome red wig at Junkman's Daughter that day and it looked really neat on stage. I'm not convinced that I look that great while wearing it but the look may grow on me - its fun being on stage - how I've missed it!! I hope that I have the chance to do that again sometime. It was great!!

Around 3:30 am - we headed back up to the room to get a quick shower - we were covered in sticky, fake stage blood and after being dressed up all night - I elected to head back down to catch the Purgatory shows in my PJ's!! My feet were really killing me after an evening of prancing around on my toes so it was a real Goddess send to run across Clayman who kindly offered to rub my feet as I couldn't find a decent foot slave to save my life at that moment!! We decided to hang out for the final Purgatory show of the evening. I thought the show was visually stunning!! Great music, nicely executed and interesting subject matter!! The costumes looked great and Mistress Autumn Fucking Twilight was AWESOME!! I only offer one bit of advice about it.. and this is NOT a review of the show as I said before the show LOOKED awesome!! There were a few things that squicked me!! There's all kinds of nasty blood borne infections and illnesses that can be gotten from blood spills and the ingestion of human blood!! I wouldn't want to DIE just to have a visually stunning show!! This is offered without comment so I'll be moving along now before I upset anyone. Afterward - it was 5:30 am on sunday and time to think about that 11:00 am checkout!!

SUNDAY 3/20/05:

Sunday was bittersweet - it was saying goodbye to something that meant a lot to all the people that loved it!! I was there for Fantasm from the very beginnings when it was an idea developed in someone's basement and I was there for its end.. I know that there will be other loves (there's THREE other Conventions being borne from Fantasm's ashes for Pete's sake) but there's something to be said for loyalty to a name, an ideal and an awesome convention.. RIP Fantasm.. we'll miss you!!

Fantasm 2005 Pic Contributors

The following sites contributed pictures to this archive, GO VISIT EM TOO!! I tried to credit the source of most of the pics I found and used below but I may have forgotten exactly where I got them all!! Fantasm is notoriously overphotographed so if you see a pic that you took and I forgot to credit you here simply E-Mail Me and a credit & link back will be provided forthwith!!

"The Columbian"!!

Mystrys Dragon DressFrameshot's Dragon DressThe Dragon Dress - I don't like how I look in this dress most of the time but these shots weren't too bad!!

Mistress Lunasea and I present the Best Non-Kink Panel Award at the Fantasm Fannies


Party On DudesAt The PromParty on Down at the Adam Weishaupt Senior Prom

Alladinsane & Ladies

f*uck mepervyTHIS is why F*ck necklaces rock!! Most especially when they are attached to sweet things like Ms Jey!! This little senario was staged by me - it's all theatre but looks awesome!!

This is one the BEST images I've seen of Mistress Lunasea and her Boyscout(That's my knee in blue BTW)

Frameshot's Fannies

groovyladiesThis is my Friday night costume - the wig looked great!! Pleasuregelf and I looked very festive before we headed out for the evening!!

gnomegnomingHere is Photognome "Gnoming" me with Caravankidd's paddle!! (Anything for a photo op right??)

THIS is why I'm a DOMINANT!! The "Marks" of the photo op (They stayed with me throughout the rest of the weekend btw!!)


Ass PoseIshboo AssEveryone wanted to pose with my "Gnomed" ass!! Ishboo stopped by for a photo op with the ass!!

HeadKen doll AssThe Tripartite gives Mistress Lunasea and Myself Head!! There's a GREAT view of "Ken Doll's Cherry!!

Take Digital Camera, Black Light, Two Drunks, Mirror and Mix Liberally!!


Jackofetish girlOnly Ash would go to the Littles Brunch dressed as Jacko!!! I was dressed more in fetish fashion!!

Frogspony girlSince we were "kiddies" why not pose our toys in orgy fashion?? The other kids "My Lil Ponied" my ass (you can still see the mark from the previous nights "gnoming")

My Corporate Barbie Outfit Under Blacklight!!


Corporate Barbie FrontCorporate Barbie BackMy Saturday Night Corporate Barbie Outfit - from the front & the back!!

The Red Wig - Purchased for the Show (as you can see from my expression - I'm really not sure how flattering this look is for me!!)


Lunasea & RavenNice PoseThe Saturday Night Show Starring Mistress LunaSea , Raven and Lil Ole Me!!

Knife PlayFloggingWe had a really GREAT time - cutting & flogging Raven!!

Cut It OffAftermathAnd then we chopped his c*ck off!!! (not really - durn!!)

This is what Housekeeping found when they cam to kick us out of the room after 3 hours of sleep!!!

Too Much Partay

Fantasm 2004 Review

I reviewed Fantasm this year on my Livejournal - you can find the entries HERE!!

Fantasm 2003 Review

The ONLY year I didn't attend - so no review!!

Fantasm 2002 Review

Didn't happen this year - I procrastinated enough that I never did review this one - Okay - I suck!!

Fantasm 2001 Review

April 12 - 15, 2001

THURSDAY 4/12/01:

Left Charlotte, NC headed for Fantasm 2001 in Hotlanta, GA.. with 3 Con Cherries in tow!! We had two vehicles and 2 CB's, we were having a good time on channel 19 when I made the mistake of saying "F*ck" on the air and the truckers started giving me crap about it!! I mean, I KNOW they say worse, cause I HEAR it!! Anyhow, we flipped over the channel 22 and chatted the whole four hours to Atlanta!! We arrived at the Crowne Plaza around 3:30 on Thursday, checked in, got food and changed for the PJ party!! The PJ party was a blast!! The first night of drunkenness and debauchery was actually pretty great!! I haven't seen so many people at a Thursday night convention party EVER before.. I took that as a good sign that things would be great all weekend. My friend Ash, got stuck working for the convention (they really took advantage of his generosity so at his first con he didn't have much fun cause he worked almost as much as the directors did!!) but they made sure he got drunk. My other friend John, who the whole way down said "I'm not going to fit in, nobodies gonna like me" managed to hook up with a girl friend of mine within 2 hours of being there!! He went to her room and I didn't see him again till the next day!! I wandered the parties a bit, cause that what I like to do at a con, and several hours later, I saw Ash again sitting in a corner. I engaged him in a conversation like:

ME: "What are you doing sitting here Ash?"
Ash: "I would have gone to my room"
ME: "where's your room Ash?"
Ash: "I dunno, what floor are we on?"

I quickly took him in hand and led him back to our room and settled him in bed then noticing that it was 4:00 am decided to call it an early evening and went to bed.

FRIDAY 4/13/01:

Woke up early, had a lot to do!! Changed to my purple halter top and headed to registration. They needed help!! I didn't mind helping out the con (they are my friends after all) and I became "mistress of the laptops" I spent most of the day/afternoon helping people register and learn how to use the ridiculous little mouse's on a laptop!! It was like teaching computer class, just me standing there with 5 laptops and people trying to figure them out. I learned that some people are so whiney & lazy they expect everything to be done for them! Not here, it's a con FOR THE FANS, BY THE FANS!! Around 3:00, I begged off and returned to my room for a little rest, NOT KNOWING THAT I WAS AN OBJECT IN THE SCAVENGER HUNT!! Found out later that night, that I was the most sought after person at the con for about 2 hours!! If I'd have known, I'd have taken my nap earlier!! The concoction contest happened!! I LOVED this one, and my favorite drink was Number 2 "Farshads" with the Bendhavhos "Blood of Christ" a close second. Then it was time for me to run my first event "Ms Fantasm 2001" I LOVE doing this!! Its fun to organize and fun to participate in!! All the ladies were really wonderful and lil Miss Susie Q who won was a doll baby!! Her husband is a VERY lucky man!! Kudos go out to Steve Wildey, who provided the Ms Fantasm questionnaires and to Shasha for being so awesome!! After the pageant went off wonderfully well, it was time to party down!! Ran into Ra & Joe R, VERY SURPRISED to see them as I had been told they weren't coming!! It was nice to see the old faces from home!! After the dance died down, off to the 9th party floor and a repeat of the Thursday night pattern of drinking, drunkenness, sleep happened sometime round 4:00 am.

SATURDAY 4/14/01:

Ugh, My HEAD!! 10:30 am, Wrestling Panel prep!! This was the event I had looked forward to the most, but they had it at 12:00 on Saturday and just EVERYONE I was with missed the whole thing!! I have seen some tape of the match and it looked as good as I've seen in some of the stephanie/trish matches on WWF!! Considering that we had never been in a ring before, we were "working it"!! I was disappointed that everyone missed the panel I had wanted everyone to see, but such is life.. I had a hangover and didn't care!! Went to the S&M 101 panel to lend support to my friends who were in this panel and to contribute to the discussion. It was all review and basic stuff for me, but it was fun to hear some of the questions asked anyhow. Safety is important. Afterward, I participated in the "SM & Scifi" panel, where we discussed "Why do SciFi people get into SM so much?" It was a very good discussion and quite entertaining. Afterward?? Yeppers, NAP TIME!! Changed into my lil schoolgirl outfit and headed down for the Slave Auction. My friend God wanted some help auctioning off some items for charity so I helped out a bit by selling the "shirt off my back". This was apparently a very good idea as the bids went much higher for a chance to see NIPPLAGE!! The Auction benefited the NCSF (National Coalition for Sexual Freedom) a VERY worthy cause and they sponsored the play party that evening. I had the cam girls panel which I had been told to wear "black light clothes" too.. I did.. only to find out that they wanted me to roll around in body paint!! NOT GOOD the clothes I was wearing cost $50.00 all told and I didn't want to ruin them. Didn't really enjoy participating on that all that much because I looked like such a goof and prissy not joining in. I jetted away from there as soon as I could, next year I'll know better and come in something old and cheap!!

Then it was time for the PLAY PARTY!! I jetted upstairs and changed to my latex outfit and jetted back down to play for a while!! Played just a little while with my friend Tat2rob. We just did some sensation play cause we were both having a good time at the con and we wanted to play safe!! I LOVE Whartenburg Pinwheels!! Afterwards, I went up to the 9th floor to DRINK!! I mostly sat in the hall and let the party come to me, cause I was MUCH too drunk to wander around at that point!! It was fun, and everyone that hit on me and sat and talked with me, THANK YOU!! My friend Roger escorted me around after a bit of sober (laff) reflection.. We decided to go down to the FAGG bash (on the 5th floor cause of those Utopia Stuck Ups) so about 5 of us climbed on the elevator, punched 5 …… and FELL about 2 floors before stopping!! We were stuck between floors, which in our drunken state was FUNNY!!!! We had a grand old time calling for help and laffing!! It was so much fun being trapped in an elevator with these people SPOOON!! After being "rescued" by hotel staff.. we made it to the FAGG bash!! It was about 4:30 am at this point so we drank their drinks (LOVELY MARGARITAS) and collected their beads for the party battles judging!! We hit all the other parties as well to collect the beads and have one last drink.. I WAS SMASHED!!! Thank you to everyone who helped me collect beads and got me safely back to my own room!! I don't remember you all but THANK YOU!!

SUNDAY 4/15/01:

Last Day, Hungover, Can't think…what an AWESOME CON!!!! Only 52 more weeks till next year Fantasm, What could be finer??

Fantasm 2001 Pic Contributors

Heres what I have been able to gather up so far. If you took any you'd like posted E-Mail em to me PLEASE!!! I couldn't take any Pics again!! The following sites contributed pictures to this archive, GO VISIT EM TOO!! One of these days I'll have enough saved for my own digital camera and I won't have to gang rape other sites for Convention Pics!!

"Degenerate Press"!!
"Dawn Marie"!!
"J Ruske"!!

Fantasm 2001 Pics

John/ShelliConcoction ContestMy Friends John & Shelli & Our Group at the Concoction Contest.

Bootcamp/SurThe Drunk SquadMy Survivor Meets Boot Camp Outfit & The Happy Band of Hall Drunks.

Jesus1Jesus2Oh We Are ALL Burning!!

Slave Auction 1Slave Auction 2Being Pimped Out By God For Charity!!

Panel 1Panel 2The Camgirls Panel Aftermath!!

Panel 3Panel 4The Camgirls Panel Aftermath & The Rear View!!

Hall Party 1Hall Party 2The Hall Party!!


Fantasm 2K Review

March 17 - 19, 2000

Fantasm 2K!!!! WOW..What a Con!!! Okay..Let's begin at the beginning:

THURSDAY 3/16/00:

I worked all day at my job and then drove to ATLANTA!!! I picked up my Roomie KaosLyon after work so I had company for the journey. I elected KL "Navigator" and handed him the maps I had printed from Yahoo! Maps. We had NO TROUBLE till we reached Atlanta and the "spaghetti junction" area of Atlanta. We successfully made it on the correct Interstate from I-85 and we headed to the Hotel. We spotted the big "Crowne Plaza" sign and I decided to chuck the directions (with major complaints from the Navigator about doing so) and headed in to the WRONG Crowne Plaza!!! Just how many of these things ARE there anyhow?? After being given a BETTER map to our CORRECT hotel we arrived at the CORRECT Crowne Plaza Hotel with no further incidents.

Upon arrival I was greeted by: Buck, Nikki, Belle, Bear, Lonefeather, Vera and sundry other "Con Buddies". (SIDEBAR: When I arrived home Sunday I received a phone message that was the ENTIRE taped conversation I had with my buds during this period. I was HIGHLY amused!!!! ) After quick check in..we all got ready to go to the Chamber. In Charlotte, there are very few Goth/Industrial/Fetish clubs fact there are NO clubs fitting this description and it was AWESOME to see everyone, dance to good music and have a good club atmosphere to enjoy again. I am afraid I ruined Charlotte Nightlife for KaosLyon with the trip to the Chamber. He was happy to actually see one of the places I talk about a lot and he said, "I'd rather save my money for a REAL club then go out in Charlotte again". The evening ended a little unhappily when Belle locked her keys in her car, but we all chipped in and helped her pay for the locksmith. Hey what are friends for??

FRIDAY 3/17/00:

We all went to bed when we returned from the Chamber in anticipation of Friday. Friday morning, I was awakened by Wolf around 10:30 who came by to get me outta bed because I was working this Con. I had a SSS (E-Mail Me if you don't know what I mean) and was off to work the Con. I Found Chris, Bonnie, Teresa, Nick & Nikki and after being issued a Radio and a hole punch..I spent several happy hours working registration. This was an easy assignment and the company of John, Charles and Nikki made the afternoon FLY by.. before I knew it it was 3:00 pm and I had to go get ready for the evening festivities.

At this point, I had been enlisted to help with the "Games" so I got dressed in my Dominatrix outfit and was off to oversee the "Fuzzy Dice O Chance". This was a way cool game. I was given a set of those black and white fuzzy dice (like hangs from car windows) and a prize list. You roll the dice and then win a prize from the list based on what you rolled. My favorite number was lucky 7 (you won a spanking from ME!!) This was a BLAST!!! I got to spank SO many was truly a few hours though it was time to go change for Ms Fantasm where I passed on my crown.

I got dressed in my "Toga" (had to look regal ya know) and was off to wait for the "Pageant". I arrived at the proper ballroom and ended up staging the whole thing. It was fun..I didn't mind being drafted to do this and after seeing how to do this at several other conventions I knew how. The 5 or so contestants arrived and I got them lined up and the Pageant was on. It was exciting to watch from the staging area and our announcer Steve Wildy was AWESOME!!! This guy knows how to talk trash!!! The "Mistress" of ceremonies "Sasha" from the "Underground Cabaret" kept everything interesting and fun adding witty comments at all the right times. Mad Zoie won Ms Fantasm 2K and I was so happy for her. She was the only girl in the pageant that had been a contestant for Ms Fantasm 1999 and she was my runner up in 1999!!! The other girls were awesome and quite daring and I hope each and every one of them will compete NEXT year. I also hope they'll let me organize Ms Fantasm this upcoming year. I could have done so much better if I had KNOWN I would need to!!

After Ms Fantasm..Con-coction Contest time..I changed (again) this time to my "Indian" drinking outfit. I loved this's a glorified swimsuit and unlike the Toga (that I had to keep adjusting) it all stayed in place.. <smile> I sampled many drinks and while some were yellow (Braddude) and some were clear, some bit hard and some were FAVORITE was The Bendhovahos "FireWater" in the "Smoking Green Pot" This was an awesome drink and I voted it my favorite and so did a lot of other people because it won the "Con-Coction" contest. I have been to many cons and drank many drinks..In my opinion the ONLY drink that could have beat "Firewater" would have been the Reverends "Purple Punch" and it wasn't entered this year.

At this point the Friday events began to become a little I'll just say that I had a good time and went to bed sometime Dawnish..

SATURDAY 3/18/00:

Started off with a BANG!!! Litterally..I went to the "wrestling" smackdown.. OH MY GAWD!!! Was this awesome or what?? Big guys throwing each other around and smashing tables or not!!! .This was by far one of my favorite events at Fantasm and I so hope they bring it back next year. I am DYING to get in the ring and do an "evening gown" match. I don't know if they'll let us do that or not but extra time to play would have been GREAT!!! I LOVE wrestling..shh..don't tell anyone but I think I could elope with the WWF's "Chris Jericho" if you know him..tell him to E-Mail Me !!!

So the Wrestling was over around 2:00 pm Saturday..(I had slept till 11:30, you HAVE to pace yourself at these things) and I found something to eat..checked in at the Dealers Room..found out that Cloie had arrived safely and that the Cam Girls panel would be on for around 10:00. I can't remember what all I did Saturday afternoon..My Ex showed up and I spent a lot of time hiding in corners of the hotel. I'd really like us to be friends but just don't have the guts to talk to him after the way I have acted. I am a coward when it comes to dealing with ex's especially ex's that I still Love lots and lots!!! but I digress….

The Slave Auction happened around 4:00 Con time (Con time is when NOTHING happens when the program says it does..take the SCHEDULED time ADD 1.5 hours..Con Time!!) I helped my friend Nikki line up the Slaves and I actually volunteered to be one myself because it looked like we were short of female flesh. My friend Wolf used me to demonstrate his "talent" of "oral sex" this was cool!! I'll not say WHAT he did, but it LOOKED very good and convincing!!!! After about 2 hours of auction, where I got flashed , mooned and laughed was my turn. I went for a respectable $135.00 and was bought by a very nice person Fred and his collective friends. They were really nice and allowed me to go to dinner with them at a Japanese Restaurant. I LOVE Sushi and Japanese food and even though there were a few mishaps with Chopsticks..I managed to stuff my face with salmon and had many laughs with some great people.

The Adult Cam Panel was at 10:00 and I got dressed in my "Galaxy Quest" outfit. This is a cool dress with planets all over it..there are pics of it all over my site, and I look pretty good in it. Cloie of Nakkidnerds headed up the Panel and she's a great little MC. She's so sweet..definetly one of the nicest Camgirls I have met. There was also Belle of Bellecam, Lily of Lily of the Alley and Angel and Luckey of ifriends, Mad Zoie (Ms Fantasm 2K) was also invited to participate in what Cloie had planned. DawnMarie of DawnMarie Cam opted to not participate but was there and showed us great support. We love ya girl!!! We all talked about our Cams and took questions from a standing room only crowd and then Cloie stripped!! She's SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!! I LOVE Ms Cloie..we rubbed her all over with ice-cream and whipped cream and I got to suck her toes while flashbulbs popped..this was a VERY fun panel and demonstration of "Camgirls Just Wanna Have Fun"!!! After all the adulation was over..we all retired to get ready for the parties!!!

Party Battles were the GREATEST!!!! I passed out all my Judges Badges and instructed everyone on how to Judge the parties and we settled down to the "serious" business of Party Judging. You have to be fair and impartial and make several stops at all the parties to see the ebb and flow of the Crowd. The Bendohovoes had captive "slaves" on a luggage rack.. you REALLY had to be there to believe this one. The Jonestown party had "the Machine" and I met some people from Asheville I've heard much about but never met before. I was introduced as "The Amy" <laff> but they were really nice and I am hoping we can be friends despite all the bad blood that has gone down. I LOVE LARPers!!! Fred, myself and some of Fred's friends Jeff and Susy (maybe you'll meet Jeff and Susy on my cam real soon) hit all the parties, passed out LOTS of Mardi Gras beads, saw Many Breasts and Genitals!! This was a Roman bath Orgy/Party..Definetly NOT for the faint of heart. Sometime around dawn..I passed out and woke up in my room on Sunday.

SUNDAY: 3/19/00

Was pretty NON EXCITING after the Saturday night parties. We did the Technical Webcam Panel and Lonefeather got to take part. He has this FUNNY story about a Bird and his Cat.. I want an AVI of that crap!! Dawn Marie, Lily , Cloie and myself rounded out the panelists. The Con wrap-up panel was over too soon and all the sadness of "parting" happened!! As I said Goodbye to all my friends from the Con and Atlanta. KL and I met up and compared notes on the weekend as we packed and headed home.

I am sure there is MUCH I have left out as this weekend was too intense for words. It was a Roller coaster of Highs and Lows, friends and enemies, love and hate. Fantasm is one of the BEST "party" cons I have EVER been too..can't wait till next YEAR!!!!! <sigh>

Fantasm 2K Cams

"Dawn Marie"!!
"Angel & Luckey"!!

Fantasm 2K Pics

Heres what I have been able to gather up so far. If you took any you'd like posted E-Mail em to me PLEASE!!! I forgot to take any Pics again!!

Slave2SlaveSlave Auction Photos!! Thank you "Trimline"!!

Smoking Green Pot a/k/a FIREWATER!!! Thanks "Lonefeather"!!


FlogSpankingThe Fuzzy Dice O Chance!!!! Thank you "Trimline"!!

Very Candid Photo of the "Real" Me!! Thanks "Lonefeather"!!


2DZ2DZ2A VERY Naughty Dog!! Thank you "Trimline"!!

The Toga Shot!! Thanks "Trimline"!!


GirlsGirlsPix from the Camgirls Panel. Thank you "Lily"!!

Statue Girl

Fantasm 1999 Review

Feb 26 - 27, 1999

All right, all right, so it WAS a month ago!!! I didn't have a camera there and wanted some pix to go with this review!! I have gotten a LOT of pix from other sites, and I'll post em with this review.

The Con was Fantasmic!! One of the best I have been too since MOC 9!!! It was a party from heaven (or hell!!) Depending on your point of view. The hotel was accessible and very well appointed. To bad Jose Franco a reporter from The Spartanburg Herald-Journal thought that sensational journalism was more important than the truth and Scared the Christians in Spartanburg into thinking we were having an orgy. His Front Page Article on Friday Feb 26m, 1999 convinced the hotel that we were good for bad press and they have decided to not renew the contract for next year. Not to worry though Fantasm is looking for a NEW hotel and things look very promising for Fantasm 2K!

I arrived on Thursday night and immediately found a 5th floor party that was happening. The body shots were in high demand. There is a recipe for them in The Mystrys Reading Room We made it an early evening (crashed around 3:00 am) in expectation of the fun to come.

Friday morning was spent helping the Con Staff and I had quite a lot of fun "running" for the directors of Fantasm. Shortly afternoon we retired to change and get ready for the Friday evening dance and Rocky Horror at Midnight. Mystrys Rocky Cast had a great time and the crowd loved us. They were a great audience and we had plenty of time to party after the show. Look for us at Fantasm 2K as we HOPE they'll invite us back!! I also won Ms Fantasm 99 (Partly because The Girl with the Most Cake decided NOT to compete.) I LOVE Ms Dawn Marie and let her try on the crown backstage. I couldn't wear the crown at Rocky Horror, but I DID wear it everywhere else I went and even wore it in the Slave Auction where Me & Trex were bought by Roger, Master Slave Master along with Dawn Marie and Giggles. (There are pictures of this below!!)

I am skipping a lot of details because there are a lot of other reviews on the Fantasm website and you can get filler details there. I was invited to participate in the Cam Girls Panel and even allowed them to strip me on stage, AMAZING how many inhibitions fly out the window after a few drinks. Saturday night parties were ALL that could be expected. The Jim Jones Party Domination Machine was in great demand and was a marvelous contraption of delight. I didn't get a ride in it but I enjoyed watching immensely and I was so impressed with some of my friend's fortitude. I finally crashed around 6:00 in the morning in a gray haze. It was great!!

Sunday morning was spent in conference with several other party judges in deciding which crew threw the best party!!! I am not telling you which party I voted for but the Pirates Party won with Jim Jones coming in a close second. It was a TOUGH call not an easy job at all. ALL the parties were GREAT and so impressive. We just wished we could give ALL of them an award. I left Spartanburg Sunday afternoon and was hung over till Wednesday if that tells you how much fun I had. Please check out all the other reviews of this Fantasmic con on the web (there are at least 5 others that I am aware of).

Fantasm was a WONDERFUL con, and I am adding it to my list of "Cons NOT to Miss" You should too!!!


I stole most of the Fantasm Pix below from the following sites. Go see em cause they took pity on a girl who ALWAYS forgets her camera!!

"Dawn Marie"!!

Fantasm Pix

Here at last is the pix of Fantasm 1999 I have been able to gather up. I hope to get more as soon as I find em!!

This is My Friend JJ, He actually WON the Gong Show by Chugging a beer!!


Bad GirlQueenThese Pix are of the Ms Fantasm Contest. The first is what I had to go through to get the crown!! (You had to act out a fantasy!!) The Second Pic is me being Crowned!! I was VERY surprised, I didn't think I'd win ANYTHING!!!

SlavesKissesHere Trex & I get sold in the Slave Auction. We went as a pair!! We kissed so we could get a better price. It was for Charity!!

Harem 1Harem 2These are of our SlaveMaster and The Harem he bought!! They Included TRex, Dawn Marie and Giggles!!! We all had a lot of fun hanging out together and Our Master treated us to dinner afterward!! He was a TRUE Gentleman!

This is our Master making his slaves "Work". We all posed for a photo session with him. I hope to find more of these shots on the net and will post em as soon as I get em!!


MYSTRYS Fantasm Review