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Mystrys Genevieve


Mystrys FAQ:

QWhat are your usual Tribute requirements??

AI generally require a basic Tribute of 1 hour = $200.00, 1.5 hours = $300.00, 2 hours = $375.00 - longer sessions are possible and will require a Tribute requisite to the session particulars. I do require a higher Tribute for sessions involving anal, electrical and any other activity that involves toy use and/or supplies that may not be re-used on others. I also reserve the right to change My mind at any time so these quoted rates should be used as a reference only!!

QWhat does your Playspace look like?? What type of Equipment do you possess??

AI have pictures of My Studio Playspace available at the Studio Gallery!! I have at My disposal Medical Tables, Stockades, Latex Bondage, Tens Unit, Violet Wand, St Andrew's Cross, Partial Suspension, Spanking Benches just to name a few. I pride Myself on My toy collection!!

QWhat kind of play do You find most enjoyable??

AI must admit, I love those with a foot fetish!! Its a lot of fun to have My feet played with and admired..I love foot rubs and massages..truly one of My favorite BDSM activities. I also enjoy introducing Novice submissives to BDSM Play. The nervous energy is quite thrilling and intoxicating for Me. Of course, I am also quite a Sadist and I enjoy inflicting pain on those capable of receiving it!!

QHow Old Are You??

A Now a Lady has to have Her secrets!! I have been a Professional Dominatrix for over 6 years and have been actively Lifestyle Kinky for longer than that. I have experience and know how to use it!!

QWhat type of training have You had??

AI trained under another Professional Domme assisting in Her sessions until I became ready to branch out on my own. I am actively involved in real life BDSM organizations and have participated in discussions and workshops in order to expand my skill level. I will never attempt "edge play" unless I have had specific training in it. I have had a course on Knife Play and its something I have been complimented on!! I am also CPR & First Aid certified by the American Red Cross and I keep a first aid kit with Me whenever I train. Safety is a primary concern with Me! I also value Hygiene!! I use Antibacterial Cleaning products to keep My Playspaces neat and clean and am aware of how to prevent the spread of infections. All toys of an insertable nature are covered by a Latex Condom - be sure to advise Me if you have a Latex Allergy.

QHow old must one be to serve You?? Do You have a gender preference??

AI prefer to see those who are 21 and older, if theres any question I will ask you to provide legal proof of your age!! I have had play experience with both genders and I happily play with women as well as men.

QWhat other Rules must You obey??

AI adhere to the BDSM Creed of SSC: Safe, Sane & Consentual!! In addition to that I obey all the laws of North Carolina including the following restrictions.

NO sex or sexual contact. Period.

No full nudity.. By NC law... I am not allowed to go fully nude.

If you would like to use a gag... you may bring one. I do not provide them for sanitary reasons. You wouldn't want to use someone else's ... would you? Similarly... any item that would be unsanitary after the use of another slave... I do not provide.

If you have a question you'd like added to this FAQ, you have my permission to E-mail it to me!!!

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