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Dragoncon 2000
Dragoncon 2003
Dragoncon 2005


This was my seventh DragonCon - Every year I look forward to it more and more - the costumes, the people, the unbelievable size of it!! Let's get on with it.. if you've been following my Livejournal - you'll know that I decided to sew my own costumes this Con. You can see the recap of my past few weeks sewing entries over there. They were a real labour of love for this con and I was very pleased with one of the costumes and not so much with the other. For a first effort - they were okay. I'll do better next year :)!

Caravankidd arrived on time at 12:00 noon. I was pretty stressed out about the gas scare and was worried and feeling guilty about even attending the Con at all but Caravankidd & my boyfriend Kaoslyon told me I was being silly and away we went. Four hours & $35.00 later - CV & I found ourselves back "Home" in the Hyatt - Regency, Atlanta!! Check in went smoothly and when the rest of our party arrived we were ready to go looking for fun!! After finding registration and getting "Bagged & Tagged" we ended up unpacking, drinking a bit and sleeping early (hey - 1:00 am is early for a Con!!) We decided to save our energy - we knew we would need it!!

We woke up early - had a big day of geeking planned!! Our crew consisted of Caravankidd, Tripartite, Pleasuregelf, & Skobo. We had pretty well dissected the Pocket Program Book the night before and we all split for our respective geekiness. After lunch & a quick trip through the Dealers Room - it was time for "Mischief Managed: An Hour with James & Oliver Phelps" - this was a total geekout for me!! I am a total "Potterhead" and love all things Harry Potter related!! I was thrilled to find out that the actors who portray Fred & George Weasley in the Harry Potter movies were guests at the Con this year. I really enjoyed hearing them talk about acting in the Potter movies & thier lives, etc. but they were very much the "19 year old English teens".. the neatest thing was when they spoke about the "New Dumbledore" driving up to the set of Goblet of Fire in full Dumbledore Makeup & Costume in a Red Ferrari - that is a visual I would have paid good money to see.. lucky chaps!!

Friday Evening:
I was scheduled to sit on four panels this year for the EFF Track and two of them were on Friday Night - back to back - for the FIRST time in SEVEN years - I had to miss the Dragoncon Wrestling (pout). Not to worry - I hear that they did not have Midgets this year so no big deal - I'd have been pissed if I'd missed the Midgets!! The first of my panels was the Livejournal panel. It was great to see Cheri Priest, Earle & Kimi again. The Innocence & Zeppo were also Livejournal Panelists. The panel was well attended and Earle kept cracking up the crowd with his responses. Then it was off to my brain child USC 18 Section 2257. It was great to have Annalee Newitz, Cheri, Scott McGowan, Tatsumi and Kiksa to help out with this panel. The panel was well attended by a very inquisitive and informative crowd. I learned as much as anyone else from the other panelists and the audience. I felt that this was the most relevent & important panel that I sat on all weekend and I'm glad that it was well received. After the panels - I retired to my room to begin the evenings drinking. After dressing in Fetish Gear - we were off to The Eros Society for a smallish gathering. We shoved 6 people in a cab and drove off. This was the first time that I've actually LEFT the Con Hotels during a Dragoncon but I really wanted to see my friends new club. I managed to get fairly trashed that night - I dimly remember hailing a cab in the 3:00 am time range but the details are pretty fuzzy to me. Thanks to my friends for getting me back to the hotel safely. We walked around the lobby for a time but things were pretty much dying down and my buzz was fading.. off to the room and bed.

We woke to the sounds of a Parade!! Damn It!! Every year I miss the Parade - after downing pain reliever, pop tarts & bottled fitness water I donned my first costume "Harry Potter House Ravenclaw School Robes". It was then that I had my first "costume related illness". I had gotten this little pigtailed wig for the costume and I had a brand new wig cap underneath to keep my real hair out of the way. Well, the new wigcap was too tight. I went to an 11:00 am panel on Gothic Horror because Cheri and my former roomie Fred were on the panel. The topic was "Why are so many horror novels set in the South?".. it was very interesting but about halfway through the panel - it felt as if my head was going to explode. I haven't felt pain like that since I gave birth years ago!! I thought I was going to pass out and my stomach started getting quesy. I was seriously concerned that I had, perhaps, drank more than I thought on Friday and excused myself from the panel to go back to the room. After I got back to the room - I ripped off the wig and cap and immediately felt better!! The damn wig cap had actually cut off the circulation to the top of my head!!! I took a 30 minute nap and felt well enough to go to the food court and rustle up some chinese takeout for lunch!! Mental note: don't EVER do that again you silly girl!! It was fun walking through the food court in my Ravenclaw robes (24 hours of sewing!!!) and a few people nodded and smiled at the costume. The best thing was a sweet Lady with her small daughter who pointed and said "Look Baby - She goes to Hogwarts School of Magic with Harry Potter - She's a Ravenclaw" Awwwwww.. Warm Fuzzies for days (smile)

Saturday Evening:
I wanted to do the Dangerwoman show this year because this is one show that has to be experienced to be believed!! Truly awesome and fun!! I'm usually sheduled for a panel during her show but this year my panel was later. Unfortunately, she was running 30 minutes late (Con Time) so I couldn't stay. There was also a Livejournal Meetup in the Hotel Diner so I poked in for a bite of supper and some fun company with Wes Wilson and his lovely Finance. It was also a treat to run across CircleK and his lovely wife Katrina. Truly one of the highlights of the Convention for me. It was then off for the Webcam Girls Panel with the usual suspects, Kimiko, TheInnocence & Myself. The popularity of this panel continually surprises me. It's a tribute to the lasting legacy of Dawn Marie that it has been a feature of Dragoncon for the past seven years. I got the chance to say my piece about Something Awful and the audience was responsive. After the panel - it was off to dress in the Ms/Mistress Spencer outfit. I've spent WEEKS getting this thing together with the proper accessories, styling the wigs, matching the corset, etc.. the damn wig didn't fit right!! There was no way to hide the fact that I was a brunette wearing a white wig!! Another mental costuming note: get the white spray to temporarily cover the edges of your hair that will show underneath a styled wig in the future!! Ah, well.. live and learn. After 45 minutes of putting on the damn costume - we were ready to head out and see if anyone liked it (ie.. wanted to take a picture of it!!) Well.. the long and short of it is NO!! Not one picture was snapped or requested of the damned thing - except for the ones I took myself in the room. After I looked at the pictures of it on my own camera - I saw why. It wasn't all that attractive!! It looked like a second grader made it for thier school play. I don't consider this attempt a total failure. I was able to make use of some of thie pieces later in the weekend with attractive results. I am extremely dissapointed with the costume and with myself.. ah.. well.. live and learn. I went to Farshad's party to drown my sorrows where I had the great pleasure to dance with a drunken Prescott. I also ran across Lewis & Charles I then put in an appearance at the Boozepack party - those guys rawked!!! Lots of fun.. sometime in the morning.. I crashed out..

I woke up early to do the Young Adult Literature Track panel "Christianity & Paganism Themes in YA Lit" and I'm very glad that I did. I had put off getting the ONE set of autographs I wanted this year. The Phelps twins!! At the panel - they announced the early (and unexpected) departure of the twins!!! I skipped out on the first part of the panel to score my autograph & pictures before they left. The twins were funny and joked around with me while I picked my picture out and had them sign it. Very gracious and very English - an awesome memory and the picture that I have of myself in my Ravenclaw robes with them almost made up for the failure of my Ms Spencer costume.. almost!! I returned to the panel and enjoyed the discussion, for the most part! The moderator had her hands full with a packed panel and even though I had my hand up for almost the entire panel - I was never called upon because everyone else was blurting out comments. I guess it's to be expected considering the subject but I felt overlooked and unwanted - no biggie - it was a holdover from Saturday night. After the panel - I departed for the Dealers Room and shopping for the boyfriend. He hadn't been able to attend the Con this year and I wanted to score some girlfriend points so I departed for the Strongbad booth. After scoring a signed pic and a CD for the Boy.. I got a picture with the Homestarrunner Guys & myself - point for the kewl girlfriend!!! I had one more panel to moderate, that was "Bloggers Rights" with Cheri, Scott M and Myself. This too was well attended and I felt well received. I learned more from the audience than they learned from me - a very pleasant discussion. I was very careful to call upon everyone who wanted to speak at least once!! Afterward, Caravankidd & myself scored some lunch at the Marriott Sports Bar Champs - they had the WORST SERVICE EVER!! We sat there for 25 minutes before they brought us menus!! We ordered Spinach Dip and it ended up being Brocilli & Cheese soup with some grated cheese on top!! Awful.. we missed the start of the Masquerade because of the terrible, slow service.. never doing THAT again!!

Sunday Evening:
We watched the Masquerade from our Hotel Room while getting dressed for the Secretroom Pirate Party. I made good use of the cherry red skirt I made for Ms/Mistress Spencer and my leather ren bodice and white chemise. After adding the thigh high leather boots, rolling them down and the Ms/Mistress Spencer eyepatch we were ready to go to the Dragon Concerts. We walked around the Hyatt Lobby being chased by the "Picture Police" - They were really strict this year about no pictures in the Hyatt. It was a real downer - this was the first Dragoncon I have attended with a digital camera and I didn't get any shots of the kewl costumes this year because every time I tried - some hotel goon told me to put it away. It was a real drag!! We ended up going to the Cruxshadows concert for a while and then ducked into Gene Loves Jezabel - the lead singer of Gene Love Jezabel was ragging on Rogue of the Cruxshadows because Cruxshadows WAYYY overplayed thier assigned set time. Thusly, Gene Loves Jezabel had a crap crowd while Cruxshadows had an overflowing room!! The Lead Singer of Gene Loves Jezabel thanked the Cruxshadows for graciously loaning a few people to him to play to and acknowledged that Cruxshadows had been around WAYYY before GLJ!! Then he said "Now here's something from 1984".. giggle.. subtle dig.. I think they were pretty pissed but ya know how that goes!! GLJ actually put on a great show and we were able to get pretty close because, ya know, everyone was over at the Cruxshadows!! Afterward, we milled around a while longer - got a little more intoxicated and ducked into a few more concerts and the dance - sometime in the morning we retired to our room cause 12:00 am checkout comes pretty quickly on Monday Morning!!

Was acutally fairly anticlimatic after the weekend. There was some minor drama when the Hyatt parking staff lost my house keys but after a 15 minute search - they were found and all was well. It's always hard to say goodbye and even harder when you've had a good time. Overall, Dragoncon was mixed for me this year - some good, some bad, some great. The Con organizers do a great job with what they have but some of the hotel policies over the years have started to turn the Con from an awesome kewl place to just another place where you have to bust your ass to get around the goons who try thier best to ruin a good time. The Con Staff are great and work thier asses off and it shows. As per usual with Conventions, it was the hotel who was the biggest problem. Hotels always love the money a convention brings in but seldom love the conventioneers!! It's a hard edge to walk but Dragoncon is just so huge. I hope to see the Con utilizing the Marriott more in future - they have a ton more picture space over there and I didn't see any goons at the Marriott "moving people along"!! There's something for absolutely everyone at Dragoncon if ya just look for it.. -Mystrys

There are a fair number of people that figured prominently in my enjoyment of the weekend that didn't get mentioned in this review - just wanted to give a shout out to them as well. They are Redwitch, Goodlittlegirl, Switchdiva, Emrys, Shadowkitten and Ozgolith. There are many, many more that I could list but you know who you are - thanks for the fun and the memories!!

DragonCon 2005 Pics

In addition to my personal pics below - if you are looking for pictures of Dragoncon check out the following:

This was the view of the Hyatt's Ivy Tower from our room - I took a picture of my reflection - I'm a geek!!

The View

Phelps TwinsPhelps TwinsThe Phelps Twins talk about Being Fred & George Weasley!!

Waiting in line for food - Emrys, Pleasuregelf & Tripartite ham it up for the camera!!

The Guys

Panel HamsPanel RoomCheri & Kimiko on the Livejournal Panel - and the panelists viewpoint!!

Take THAT Picture Nazi!! The ONE Costume Picture I got this year in the Hyatt Lobby - Booyah!!


RavenclawRavenclawMy Ravenclaw Costume - I am really proud of this one!! Look Ma, I sewed it myself!!

"At the Girls School - Where My Baby Broke ALL the Rulez!!"


circlekweswilsonCircleK, Angryvixen & Future Vixen at the LJ Dinner. Weswilson & His Finance!! (There's not really a Witch's hat growing out of Wendy's ear - there was a Witch sitting behind her!!)

Okay - this picture wasn't too bad - one of the few I took in the Ms/Mistress Spencer that I liked!


SpencerspencerI just HATED the way this costume turned out - I look like a tard with a big gut!! I'm only putting these here because there was a lot of time and effort invested in this costume!! I consider it a learning experience - this was only my second effort!! If you'd like to see some idea of the costume I was going for check out Ms/Mistress Spencer - it's a character from the PS2 Video Game Rumble Roses

The view from above wasn't too bad!!


AlladinsaneMystrysSo.. there was this big throne in the Dealers Room that was begging to be used for a photo op!!

Ya can't drink ALL the time!!


Phelps & MeStrongbadA Geek's dream comes true!!!

You'd think Cobra could get us better service!!


Toga PartyGhandi"It's not gonna be an Orgy - It's a Toga Party!!

I found a FRED at Dragoncon!!


WenchWench"But what did you do with the Rum?"

The ONLY part of the Ms Spencer Costume that I really liked!! The Collar!!


I may add some more pictures to these pages over the next few weeks but that's all for now Folks!! See ya in 2006!!


DragonCon 2003

August 28 - September 2, 2003

This was my fifth DragonCon - I actually had a fun time! I wasn't very sure about that - my past few DragonCon's haven't been anything to write home about hence no reviews of them. I am trying to take the site back to what it used to be before I got so busy with school. This is my attempt to describe my activities at DragonCon 2003

We got a late start because my home AC decided to go out about two hours before we were planning to leave!! Leaving the poor Obie alone in a hot house - Thanks Obie!! - Caravankidd and I finally hit the road around 12:30 pm. This caused us to arrive in Hotlanta right at 4:00 pm RUSH HOUR!! A few nail biting minutes later and we were pulling into the Hyatt - Atlanta (the Host Hotel) just to find that there is NO PARKING!!! So.. I left the bags with the bellhop, CV checking in and I take my car out into the adventure that is downtown Atlanta - Object: Find a parking space, secure, near the hotel. Luck being with me - I found a space in the Suntrust Tower - it was two blocks from the hotel and $5.00 per night CHEAPER than what we would have paid at the Hyatt - Go Me!!

Friday Evening:
CV & I arrived at our room about 2 hours before the Wrestling Show - we unpacked and set up the bar (very important) and I decided to try out my new blue wig!! I changed into my blue/black "Space Dress" - finally got the wig situated - and left for the Wrestling Panel. After struggling through the crowds waiting in line for the Buffy Horror Picture Show - we entered the room for the panel. The first person we saw my roomate James. We spent an enjoyable half an hour sitting with James and discussing the wrestlers on the card. He knew one of the better ones and it was fun to hear them plotting!! I hear a voice behind me.. "How did you get that blue dye so brilliant?" I turn around and explain that its a wig.. (giggle) Go Me!! After a very nice conversation - one of the couple sitting behind us (who was dressed as Mick Foley's Mankind) sees my guest ribbon - he inquires what I did to merit it - I explained that I was helping the EFF track with a few panels and tell him "I'm Mystrys - a Camgirl" - he laffs "You're Kidding - I'm Mayday!!" ahhahahha Mayday is someone who visits the webcam site and the lady with him was his lovely companion. They were awesome people, Mayday got ditched when Pam needed to go back to thier room - so we adopted him!! The wrestling panel was fun - some people shouldn't wear white, I felt like I was watching a MWF show - but its the DragonCon show. Its just fun!! After the panel, we bid James goodbye and Mayday left to check on Pam. Ash & I walked to the McDonalds and had some food. We hung in the Hyatt Lobby but went to bed pretty early (2:00 am) - had to save up some energy for Saturday.

Woke up late and headed for the Dealers Room, I hung out at The Art Show. What struck me about Dragoncon this year was the CROWDS!! I've never SEEN so many people at Dragoncon!! It was at this point that I became "Fan Girl" - I was able to score a conversation with Marc Singer (and his autograph) and Tanya Roberts (and her autograph) - I TRIED to get my "The White Dragon" book signed by Anne McCaffery but the line was rabid. I was a bit surprised by how popular she was but then again - her books touch many people. After several hours of meeting stars and greeting many friends from Charlotte, Athens & Atlanta - I was hungry. Found the Subway Shop stuck in the back of the second food court - scored a sandwich and finally met up with Caravankidd. After relating our various adventures - we decide its time to change for "The Camgirls Panel". I was disappointed to see that my panel was, once again, scheduled to conflict with The Dangerwoman Show. Dangerwoman is an adventure all its own - maybe one of these years I'll be able to make that show.

My Cam Panel was in the afternoon and I shared the hosting of it with Kimiko & Tatsumi of Girl 2 ,Bardiva & The Innocence, Shoma G Dahling. We were in the "Big Room" and I thought that was a mistake but it ended up being a standing room only panel which surprised me. As long as I've been doing this - it still surprises me that people have an interest in meeting Camgirls face to face. I enjoyed the panel and the questions were fun to answer. The people were having a good time and made for a great panel.

Saturday Night:
Met up with Mayday, CV, TheTripartite & lovely companion - some of our party had never attended Dragoncon before and wanted to know how to get invited to the parties. Well, the FIRST problem - was my costume. I decided to do an Austin Powers dress this year and had a cute white wig, gold sequin dress and black gogo boots. I thought I looked cute. I was a bit dissapointed that most of the people I had wanted to party with went to The Chamber. I didn't want the hassle of trying to get another parking space and pay cover at a club when I had drink and good friends at the hotel so I didn't go. Still wish I could have partied with the Mel. After having some assistance getting into my costume and introducing several people to my latest drink of choice "Hard Apple Pie". You take a shots glass of Goldshlager and 1 pint of Woodchuck Amber Hard Cider, mix in a cup, drink!! As one person put it "now thats damn interesting".

Its now up to Mystrys to introduce the group to "the parties at Dragoncon" - first issue - FINDING THEM!! Caravankidd put on his Cobra Commander Costume which covered up a lot of his face. It made for a lot of fun because people kept mistaking him for the Cobras from Texas - we had a lot of fun with that. The secret to finding the Dragoncon parties?? Hang in the Hyatt Lobby (near the escalators is best) you can see everyone but security doesn't mess with ya, and just ACT COOL!! Someone you know comes by.. give em a drink from your flask!!! Someone with a kewl costume comes by - compliment them, offer them a drink!! It works - we got invited to three parties within 1 hour!! We also met "Dude from Dallas" - whose real name is Stephen. He was totally kewl and introduced us to his friends. Charles came by and kissed me :)! We also learned that Farshad was throwing a private party on the 17th floor. That was awesome - we headed out - in the process aquiring a few new friends. Keep in mind - that I'm getting drunker & drunker - I only throw about two good benders per year and the "Hard Apple Pie" goes straight to my head. We arrive at Farshads and Prescott was working the door. He very kindly let me and six of my closest buddies in the door. Of course, we had brought our own drinks and freely shared around so I like to think we were welcomed. We ran across Humblepie who looked very cute in her red dress. I made out with several people (just kissing, nothing more folks) but still making an ass out of myself - we ran out of drink. So I take my crew and we head back to the hotel room. Mayday has been in his "Silent Bob" outfit and having people kiss the Silent Bob which made for a lot of fun heading back to the room. It was around 3:30 am and suddenly my tummy decided that I had drunk enough Goldshlager!! Not funny but not bad either - I decided to go to sleep while it was still fun.

Woke up EARLY on Sunday because the Wrestling Panel is at 10:00 A FUCKING M!!! I had never had the pleasure of hearing Rowdy Roddy Piper talk about the business before but I have to say the panel was worth getting up for - hangover n all. Learned about the honesty involved among wrestlers - which puts a few of the wannabes I know right out of the biz. They aren't real big in the honesty department but I digress. I also saw Anne McCaffery speak in a panel which was wonderful, however spent most of the day recovering from the night before. Ran into James again, spent time in the Art Show and the Dealers Room - stopped by the Fantasm booth and said hiyas to the The Bonnie (it was great to see her - I really miss Athens sometimes) and prepared for my second panel "My So Called Livejournal.Com" - I was flattered to see it was once again a standing room only event. Caravankidd was nervous - first panel jitters - but it ended up being a very fun panel. People with LJ's are great fun - they know how to laugh with each other - I ended up paying a high personal price for my being on this panel but that didn't happen until a week after Dragoncon and I felt the panel was well attended and popular.

Decided that I didn't want to drink again sunday night - I have since learned that most of the people I know went to a private party that evening. The pictures looked fun even though I was a little hurt by not being invited. Oh well - DragonCon is so huge - I am sure if I had seen any of them that day - I would have been invited. As it was - spent my final night at Dragoncon hanging by the esclators and waiting for the Rocky Horror Picture Show to begin. It was late because the bands that preceded it went late - thats why its called "Con Time". Stayed through the "stripping scene" and left for bed. Mayday walked me to the elevators and said goodbye - I hope to see him at another con very soon.

Overall - I had a very enjoyable DragonCon this year. Missed seeing several people I wanted to see - missed the kewlest party but enjoyed what I did get to do. It was great having my friends around me. Made for a really nice Convention.

A week after I returned from DragonCon - I learned that someone who attended the Livejournal Panel was from Something Awful they decided to single me out because they have something against LJ & Camgirls in general. I have been told I was "asking for it" because this site is known for picking on people and they particularily hate camgirls who have LJ's. I don't make a practice of visiting this site because hating someone for being different than you never made much sense to me and I don't support bullies!! I don't know why they decided to single me out however, through the publicity I received from thier site, I got over 3 MILLION hits. Needless to say, I got PLENTY of publicity from my DragonCon panels this year. They did me a HUGE favor as you can't BUY that kind of exposure. Thanks Something Awful - My wish is for you to get back what you send out times three!! Blessed Be!! -Mystrys

DragonCon 2003 Pics

Elvis/MystrysMayday/MystrysElvis as a Stormtrooper and a great shot of my Blue Wig - Mayday as Silent Bob - I kissed him for luck

Cam Girls Panel

The Cam Girls Panel Pics - Borrowed from Wes Wilson


I found Christ at Dragoncon!!

Tanya Roberts/MystrysMarc Singer/MystrysHanging with The Beastmaster & Babe!! I'm SUCH a Fangirl!!


Raven is so Cuddly!!




DragonCon 2000

June 29 - July 2, 2000

This was my second DragonCon and I have to admit it was a lot of fun!!! DragonCon is a hard con to have fun at because it's so HUGE!!! It virtually takes over 6 hotels and has a HUGE fan base. It's a Dragon!!! At DragonCon you have to hunt for the things you want to do and even then you tend to find out that something cool happened and you didn't even know about it. DragonCon also has a reputation for partying but its not really known all that much for that respect. Let me start at my arrival and you can be the judge.

I arrived in HOTLANTA and after successfully navigating downtown Atlanta (Yeah Me!!) I arrived at the Con and met my Roomies, the Wolf Bros!!! Cons are ALWAYS more fun when I can spend it with my friends!!!! Unfortunately, I got sick in the worst way and spent most of my evening in the bathroom. YUCK!!! I still tried and drank a bit anyhow at the bar. The bar was incredibly overpriced but in a hotel that was no surprise!! As soon as I was able I took my butt to bed.

Woke up feeling MUCH better and took off to the Dealers Room after finding something to eat. The Dealers Room is massive at DragonCon but I didn't have the fundage to shop this Con. I went directly to the Wolf Bros table and hung out there most of the day. I also went to the Fantasm table and I stopped in by Dawn Marie's table. It was also kewl because Jason Mewes was there. "Jay" of "Jay & Silent Bob" (Clerks/Mallrats/Dogma, etc) I was rather unimpressed with him as he seemed bored most of the time. I suppose it is boring selling your autograph and taking pics with fans, but still.. the stars should TRY to act like they enjoy it, after all they are ACTORS!!!!! Anyhow, I paid him $10.00 for an autographed pic and told him how much I enjoyed his work and he smiled and said "Next" quite loudly.. so much for my brush with fame. I also found out that I MISSED the wrestling they had Thursday night.. DragonCon is just SOO big!!! I would have LOVED to see the wrestling!!

Friday Evening:
After the Dealers Room closed, it was time to change for Parties. There wasn't a whole lot going on Friday night (at Cons the best parties happen on Saturday night) so we started out at the Bar. After getting half-tanked on Wolfs Blood and White Russians it was time to find a Party!! This was a matter of wandering around and of course we hit the con suite. The Con Suite was run by my Exoticon friend Bishop and it was excellent!!! It had free food (a wonder they can afford to feed the entire con) and a place to relax and meet other congoers. They had Games and other things to do and it was a wonderful place to relax.

I also attended the "Girlie Freak Show" given by Slymenstra Hymen of GWAR. This was a Kick Butt show!!! The contortionist was CUTE and she was really flexible. The highlight of the show was Ms Hymen herself, sitting on top of a Tesla device shooting Lightning Bolts at the audience.. KICK ASS!!

My friends The Rogues Society also threw a Party and I had a great time there.. Its very hard to throw an open party at DragonCon, you can imagine how much it costs to get several THOUSAND Congoers drunk!!! At DragonCon, you have to really HUNT for the Parties, ask someone, who asks someone, who asks someone!!! At the smaller Cons the Parties are clearly posted and advertised but you just cannot afford to do this at DragonCon!!! The Rogues had a very nice suite, and lots to drink. It was well run and very friendly. I enjoyed myself at this party and being privy to their plans for next year can hardly wait to see how it all comes together for them.

We also hit the Exoticon party!! This one rocked!! It had a great atmosphere, great booze and MUSIC!!! They had a Dance floor and people were "getting down"!! The drinks rocked and I was impressed!! Farshad and Charles seemed to be hosting it and Big Rob was there as well.. can't wait for the Con in November.. its gonna ROCK!!! After hanging on the balcony and flirting, drinking and dancing for hours.. it was time for beddy bye, and I had an obliging friend or two to help me to my room and bed!!!

Woke up late and headed for the Dealers Room, Dawn Marie was there and introduced me to Deanna Cline, she's an ECW wrestler and a Valet/Manager. I WANT HER JOB!!!! I would LOVE to be a manager/valet for a wrestling group but from all she told me you have to sleep with someone, etc to get those jobs so.. probs won't get to do that anytime soon!! (smile) A girl can always dream!!! I helped work the Fantasm table and the Wolf Bros put me to work in their booth too.

My Cam Panel was in the afternoon and I shared the hosting of it with Dawn Marie, Cloie & Bonnie and the indomitable Hug Me . I also met a brand new Cam Girl JenX she was a con attendee and I had met her previously at the Fantasm Cam Panel. Her site looks really good.. I am so glad she a member of the "club". Scott who invited us for the Electronic Frontiers Track was really nice and he did a good job of hosting the panels. I met a lot of really nice people and heard many good things about my site. It really makes me feel good when people like me!!

I checked out the Dangerwoman show. HIGHLY Recommended.. nobody fights crime quite like she does. It's an awesome show. I also decided to hit the pool and was calmly swimming away when low and behold the WET TEE SHIRT contest started!! We had NO IDEA that Troma Films would sponsor a contest at the pool just when we decided to go swimming, but we had the best seats in the house!! Unfortunately, the winner of the contest turned out to be only 16 and the hotel obligingly called the Police. We managed to see a nice young lady get arrested and the whole thing was a crock. As per norm at a Con, the Hotel was more than willing to take the fans money, but didn't like the fans!!! Guess no matter how big the Con is.. It's always the same story with the hotels.

It was time for the parties and the big mission of the evening .. Help host the "Catholic Schoolgirls in Training" Party sponsored by Fantasm!!! First thing.. get INTO my schoolgirl skirt!!! Gotta lose some weight!!!! Managed to squeeze my fat behind into the thing one last time and off for the party. We pre-partied in the room so we were half blitzed by the time we headed out. This Party had an awesome atmosphere, They really went all out here. They had set up a spanking bench (you know how bad those lil schoolgirls can be) and spankings aplenty were to be had. The "confessional" booth had plenty of folks willing to unburden their soul and I have to admit that I "confessed" a time or two.. Good for the spirit you know!!! They had some drinks, dispensed by a priest or two and even the Pope was in attendance. Are we surprised that the Fantasm folks throw a good Party?? The only drawback was that the Hotel had stupidly put some Salvation Army folks next door to the Party room so the Hotel sent people by several times to "tone things down a bit". Typicalů

I have to admit that I spent most of the rest of Saturday night drunkenly wandering through the hotel, hit the Rogues and the Exoticon party again. The elevator parties were very awesome as per norm.. I mean if you MUST ride the elevator, might as well have fun in it. Sometime in the wee hours, I said to Heck with it and went to bed!!!

I really had a pretty good time at DragonCon 2000, it was a good place for me to have fun and promote my site. I'd love to go again if they invite me back!! Rock on DragonCon!! -Mystrys

DragonCon 2K Pics

Heres what I have been able to gather up so far. If you took any you'd like posted E-Mail em to me PLEASE!!! I forgot to take any Pics again!!

Bonnie/HollyBonnieCatholic Schoolgirls Party Photos!! I found these on the web but can't remember WHERE!!! If I got em from you, please e-mail me so I can give ya credit and a link!!!

Jay - Nootch

My Brush With Fame!!

FrankenpopeBruce/MystrysThe Pope Meets Frank N Furter & Bruce Hangs With Mystrys!!


Photo By: Bonnie