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Mystrys Genevieve


Mystrys Contact Information:

E-mail: mystrys@gmail.com

Some Hints on Contacting Me, When sending e-mail, don't hound me if I don't reply right away. I am very busy, sometimes it can take a few days for a reply. I try to reply to all e-mails but if you constantly hound me for an answer..you will NOT be considered!!

I have a flexible schedule and train almost anytime including Saturday and Sunday. I prefer 24 hours notice if possible to book and confirm a session. If you are traveling to Charlotte, NC - I'd love to discuss a session with you. Many of My clientele are just passing through and it is My pleasure to assist in thier enjoyment of the Carolinas. I'm also a GREAT way to spice up an otherwise boring business trip!

I LOVE to receive presents..some hints on things I'd like are here A gift from my list or something special you'd like to send will certainly get you considered faster than others!!

With that said I'd like to E-mail Mystrys!!

I am also available by telephone through Niteflirt/Keen to discuss session particulars. Just click the button below to arrange a call.

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