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Mystrys Application:

I train selectively and by appointment only. I allow Myself the time that I need to properly get to know you and your fetishes and fantasies. I welcome you to take this opportunity of a lifetime to serve the Mystrys.. you have My permission to e-mail Me with a detailed personal introduction if you think that you would truly like to serve and worship Me to the best of your ability or should you have any questions. If you are not sincere... you shall not be chosen.

 Sincere Inquiries Only

Both Genders Are Welcome to Apply

 Minimum Application for Real Time Training:
(make sure that you include ALL of this information in your first email to Me about training.)

Real Name (First Name Only For Now!!)
Location: City/State
Phone number where you can be reached & best days/times to call.

What do you sincerely wish to experience in a session with Me?

Do you have previous experience serving a Mistress? (I LOVE Novices so feel free to be very honest about your experience level!)

List your main interests in Domination/BDSM.

List your absolute turn-offs.

Now then, tell Me something interesting that will assist Me in getting to know your interests and desires better. 

 Are you ready to serve and submit?
E-mail your sincere application to the Mystrys.

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